A mental scratch-pad

My intent with this journal is to find a platform for my inner voice and explore creative and other writings.

I have reached a point where I can no longer tolerate Facebook. I resent its manipulation of my news feed, its assumptive advertising and the drivel that surfaces through the unending dross.

I cannot watch another person blindly following clickbait stories and “like farming” mind-numbingly simple puzzles to which people respond “Amen”. If Facebook is the herd mind then the herd mind is gormlessly dull.

I still feel a need to reach out in a public forum but I have no expectation that any other person will feel a need to react. This is my journal, my work-space, my thought-pad, curated but not overly censored.

Let’s see where words can take us.


actor, set designer, financial planner, writer, analyst programmer